Hello There!

Hello There. I needed a playground Hello There, specifically for getting HelloThere’d with Kotlin. I decided that there is nothing more Hello There than Hello There.

Which seems kinda HelloThere. But after some research, I found that HelloThere is sufficiently General Kenobi for my purposes. I also HelloThered Market Research on r/prequelmemes to test what the public response would be. According to my research, I’ve found that the Hello There App has the potential to completely disrupt the Greetings App market.

I put together a Minimal Viable HelloThere, and published it on the Google Play Store in Beta. I invited a few of my most reliable General Kenobi’s to be Beta Testers and got valuable feedback. They wanted more “Hello There!” instead of just HelloThere. I used the most simple MediaPlayer at first, but will be replacing it with ExoPlayer for maximum concurrent “HelloThere” appearances.


I also put the HelloThere app on GitHub, since I believe in Open Source contributions to the Greetings Markets.

After deploying Hello There, I found that my market research was accurate. I was getting on average about n+1 new HelloThere Installations every day.

By my estimation, if this trend continues to Hello There, that would result in reaching one million downloads after a mere 1414 days. That’s less than 4 years. The calculations can be seen below:

In conclusion, I suggest everyone make themselves their own equivalent of a HelloThere app. You can play around without taking anything seriously. Move fast and break things, as they say.

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