Still doing that Udacity Course. Mostly to obtain a piece of paper from an international entity that indicates that I’m an actual programmer.

I finished the sections on Networking, RecyclerView, and Intents.

It turns out they use the classic “open your own AsyncThread” option of HTTP calls, and then link to this classic Stack Overflow question. The Course also says that OKHTTP is worth reading about. I guess that makes sense.

The chapter on RecyclerView was very basic. If you just follow one of the many free guides on how to implement a RecyclerView, you’ll find more or less the same knowledge. This was just a bit more comprehensive on the theory.

Same with the Intents. Explicit Intents to open Activities. Implicit Intents to Share, Open Maps, or open a URL. So far no mention of Fragments. I guess they learnt that under the basics part of Android Development, it mostly creates confusion.

Now I have to do my own Weather App as a project. I’ll link the project on GitHub on my next blog post.

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