I’m doing this Android course.

I did a Coursera course on Android development 2 years ago and figured out most of the rest on my own and via the official documentation, but I thought it might be a good idea to go through an official Google course from scratch and see what I learn. My course was in Eclipse, after all, and Android Studio has since become the undeniable IDE for Android.

Little things I picked up

Make Project forces the re-running of the Gradle Scripts. Somehow, I never used this before.



The Udacity course still uses


even though Butterknife and other dependency injection libraries exist and are widely used. I guess they can’t play favorites, even with Jake Wharton.


They keep referencing ConstraintLayout as the goal to work towards, so I’m guessing that will replace other things. I finished the first chapter of the first project. Second chapter would be about connecting to the internet. I’m used to Volley and OKHTTP, so I’m curious what the Android default will be.

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